Cars for Scrap in Halton

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Cars for Scrap in Halton


Cars for Scrap in HaltonWe want cars for scrap in Halton. We spread the word everywhere that for best prices for end of life cars. Some have wondered just how much scrap metal could be in one of today’s lightweight cars. It is true that today’s cars do not have bodies and dashboards made of sheet metal. The bumpers can be lifted with one hand unlike the chrome coated steel bumpers of years ago. So today’s cars are lighter in weight and much easier on fuel consumption but they still have a lot metal that can be recycled from the framework, engine and exhaust system. The amount of copper in modern day cars, especially from the computerised components is valuable as well.

When we buy end of life cars we get them off the street and recycle the metal. However, in Halton, cars for scrap also come with a small amount of toxic waste that cannot be recycled or tossed in any landfill. We manage that hazardous waste when we strip down the car and are licensed to dispose of it in a designated landfill. When you call us to take away your scrap car, a lot of problems are solved. You get your old car off the street or out of your driveway and garage and we pay you money. You also get a certificate of disposal which confirms that you are no longer liable for that car. That solves your problems. We recycle the scrap metal, oil, rubber and batteries so they can be reused which keeps them out of the landfill. That solves the environmental contamination problem and we make money.

We ask for cars for scrap in Halton and pay a good price for them. Forty years ago when we started in the scrap business we may not have foreseen the huge amount of end of life cars that would need to be dealt with in the future. The increase in population and the necessity for multiple cars in each family has increased the need to manage the scrap from these junk cars. We have the solution with our scrap car-recycling programme that puts the metals back in circulation and gets junk cars off the street. Contact Fallon Brothers and we’ll come and tow your car and pay you a fair price. This is a programme that is good for everybody and the environment.

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