Cars for Scrap in Knowsley Can Result in a Payment to You

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Cars for Scrap in Knowsley Can Result in a Payment to You


Cars for Scrap in Knowsley If you have cars for scrap in Knowsley we will take them off your hands. We’ll dismantle the scrap vehicle into their various components. The glass and the plastic components are separated once we strip the car. Then all the fluids are drained out of the vehicle. These liquids are a danger to the environment, so we make sure to safely store them until they can be correctly disposed of by companies who specialise in their disposal. The engine, seats and wiring are then all removed until there is just a shell left.  The shell of the vehicle is then crushed into a block and sent to be smelted.  Small bits of plastic or rubber will disintegrate during the smelting process.

If you have a vehicle that is no longer in use, remember us. In Knowsley, cars for scrap is our responsible way of disposing of it. Now there is no need to leave your old car standing in the driveway or in your yard. You can also receive a tidy sum of money for your old scrap car. We pay good prices for scrap metal, and this includes the scrap metal in your car. Additionally, when you have your car scrapped in a legal and responsible manner, you are doing your bit to help conserve the environment. We’ll also provide a certificate  of destruction as your proof that your vehicle is no longer on the road, and has been responsibly scrapped and recycled.

Cars for scrap in Knowsley  will earn you money for the weight of the metal.  Contact Fallon Bros today and we can remove your old scrap car from your property. Not only is an old rusting vehicle an eyesore, it is also dangerous. Ensure that you do your part and have an expert scrap metal dealer remove your old car. We will weigh the metal and pay you the current price for the metal. The most valuable item you will receive is a scrapping certificate. This absolves you from any further financial liability for the vehicle. On top of that, you won’t have an eyesore littering your property.