Cars for Scrap in Runcorn

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Cars for Scrap in Runcorn


Cars for scrap in RuncornCars for scrap in Runcorn is an effective way to make a little extra cash. Those who have an old vehicle that’s taking up space in your yard or if your car has recently broken down and is irreparable, you might want to consider getting it scrapped. There are many reasons to consider vehicle recycling, the most common is that it is one of the many ways to protect the environment. When vehicles are recycled, there is a reduced need for new metal ores, thus, a lesser need for mining and deforestation. In addition to that, disposing of your vehicle in the correct manner will ensure that you don’t end up with huge fines.

When it is time to say goodbye to your old car in Runcorn, cars for scrap are accepted by Fallon Bros. We are a registered vehicle recycling facility and adhere to the required regulations. Once we have taken your old car for scrap and recycled it, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. This ensures that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. No matter what condition your vehicle is in, regardless of whether it’s been in an accident, failed its MOT or that it won’t budge at all, we will take it. Our facility has been in operation for over 40 years and it has grown through word of mouth and continues to do so. If you have a vehicle that’s been sitting in the area for a long time and you are worried that it may be hard to move, let us know, we have all the right equipment to collect it.

If you have cars for scrap in Runcorn and you are interested in getting the best prices, don’t hesitate to contact Fallon Bros. We also collect scrap metal from warehouses, factories and other establishment. If you require a skip, let us know and we will provide you with one that you can fill up, after which, we will collect it.

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