Cars for Scrap in St Helens

From fallon brothers

Cars for Scrap in St Helens


Cars for Scrap in St HelensFallon Bros, the place you take your scrap metal, takes cars for scrap in St Helens and pays you nicely for the privilege. We do more than take the cars; we come and get them from you so you don’t have to pay towing. We don’t charge for that; it’s all free. There’s paperwork involved as well when we take in old cars. We do that for you and issue a certificate of destruction so you are no longer liable in any way for the car. We don’t charge for that either. However, we do pay you a fair price for your car which is more than you will get letting it sit there on your property. Almost everything on a car is recyclable. Some bits can’t be recycled because they’re toxic which means they can’t go into a landfill either. We dispose of the hazardous waste according to environmental standards, there is no charge for that.

Many of you hold on to old cars because you have convinced yourself you will get it running again and sell it. Or, in St Helens, cars for scrap we’ve taken in have been sitting and waiting to be parted out and sold. You may believe you will get more money for the car this way. Maybe you will but so far you haven’t done that. Even if you do, you’re still left with the carcass and those bits of toxic waste. We still might take it off your hands for nothing. Chances are you are never going to find time to remove parts, photograph them and post them for sale and negotiate price with time wasters. We’ll take it off your hands and you can put the money in your pocket and be done.

We buy cars for scrap in St Helens as well as all ferrous, non-ferrous and white goods at fair prices. We enjoy an excellent reputation for honesty that we’ve built over our forty years in business. The positive impact recycling of metals and keeping them out of the landfills has on our environment has been proven. Every person on earth ends up with scrap metal during times in their life. Do the environmentally responsible thing and contact Fallon Bros and recycle it with us. Imagine, making money off stuff you can’t even use anymore. That’s a good deal.

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