Ethical, Responsible and Safe Vehicle Recycling in Garston

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Ethical, Responsible and Safe Vehicle Recycling in Garston


Vehicle Recycling in GarstonFor safe, reliable vehicle recycling in Garston, get in touch with the specialists. Fallon Brothers have been one of the leading scrap metal and recycling specialists in the North West for more than forty years. As a local business, we prioritise the strong and enduring ties we maintain in the communities we serve. That is why most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from clients who have been 100% satisfied with our services. We offer some of the most attractive rates for scrap metal in the North West for both commercial and industrial clients as well as the general public. Our collection areas range through Cheshire and you can call us to check for the one nearest to you.

For car owners in Garston, vehicle recycling is one of the most effective, efficient and almost complete product that can be recycled. Most parts can be re-used, repaired, refurbished or recycled for their intrinsic value. In the UK, the End Of Life Directive regulates recycling and aims to increase the level of re-use and recycling to the maximum degree possible. This regulation also seeks to improve the safety standards at recycling sites and reduce the use of toxic materials in the automobile industry. When vehicles are no longer road-worthy, they are deemed to have reached the end of their useful lives. They have to be disposed of in an environmentally safe way, through authorised treatment facilities. We also provide a certificate of destruction (COD). This has to be issued and the usable parts recovered before it is completely disposed of.

We use the latest tools and technology for vehicle recycling in Garston. The first stage is depollution, where hazardous materials are safely removed so that they don’t enter the food-chain or water-supply systems. Dismantling is the next stage, where precious metals are separated from less expensive ones, and from glass and tyres. The final stage is destruction or crushing of the body. To find out more about how we can assist with the recycling of your vehicle, contact Fallon Bros. We are proud of our reputation for being an ethical, responsible recycling company that is consistently in compliance with all the latest norms and regulations.