Recycling Collection in Cheshire

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Recycling Collection in Cheshire


Recycling Collection in CheshireCall us for a recycling collection in Cheshire if you have any ferrous or non ferrous waste metal. Factories very often have old machines and other metal items lying around that have not been used in years. It is perhaps time to have a cleanout and get rid of all the equipment that is just taking up space and not generating any money for the company.  Our business will be delighted to offer you money for your scrap metal. We pay a very fair price according to the metal content of the items. For companies that work with metal, we can install one of our skips so that you can keep all the off-cuts and waste together. When the skip is full, phone us and we will collect it and pay you.

There is no need to throw metal off-cuts in the trash where it will end up in the landfill site. In Cheshire, recycling collection companies will pay a fair price for all your waste metal. Old cars can be a problem and cannot just be dumped anywhere. Our company buys all old vehicles and recycles them. It gets rid of the car or truck and you get a certificate of destruction to prove that you have responsibly disposed of the vehicle. The hazardous liquids are drained from the vehicle along with any other dangerous material before it is crushed. This is then sent to a smelting plant that melts down the metal. It is reused in many industries to manufacture new items including new vehicles.

We offer a recycling collection in Cheshire. Contact Fallon Bros today and arrange for a skip or a bin to be placed at your place of business. Our business has been in operation for over 45 years and we are proud to be making a difference to metal waste recycling. We are considered one of the best scrap metal dealers in our area and we have a comprehensive scrap clearance service. This can include any scrap metal including alloys, brass, chrome and copper. Some metals are more valuable than others, especially non ferrous types.