Recycling Collection in Halton

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Recycling Collection in Halton


Recycling Collection in HaltonContact the best company for scrap recycling collection in Halton and be environmentally responsible. At Fallon Bros we have  more than four decades’ experience in the scrap metal recycling industry. We offer some of the most attractive prices for your waste and scrap metal in the North West region. We also provide top-quality professional recycling services to all our customers, whether you are individuals, companies or commercial businesses. Our customer base extends through the Cheshire area and we offer collection services in Halton, Halewood, Appleton, Westbrook and neighbouring areas. If you’re unsure whether our services extend in your area, give us a call and we can see how best we can help you. We are in full compliance with all the latest regulations regarding scrap metal collection and recycling. We ensure that we follow best practices in environmental, health and safety procedures.

If you’re having a home, industrial or factory premises clean out, our team can provide the best services. In Halton, recycling collection of all your metal waste can be arranged using our fleet of skips ranging in capacity from 12-46 cubic yards. We can reach you anywhere in the North West, including Liverpool, Manchester, and Merseyside. Our state-of-the-art scrap processing centre in Widnes, Merseyside is open to domestic and commercial customers.  If you’d like to drop off your scrap yourself, we have plenty of parking space to accommodate your vehicles. We accept any kind of metals and pay top prices immediately. Our aim is to ensure that all scrap metal is ultimately recycled and reused and never sent to landfills. We believe in providing bespoke, customised solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Recycling collection in Halton diverts as much waste as possible away from land-fill sites to reduce the load on the environment. To find out more about our affordable recycling collection, contact Fallon Bros. We help you deal with your metal waste in the most optimal and economical way. This helps to keep you in compliance with the government’s policies on waste management.  We have an efficient, affordable and cost-effective system of scrap collection and recycling that is in sync with a modern, eco-friendly approach.