Scrap Dealers in Huyton

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Scrap Dealers in Huyton


Scrap Dealers in HuytonScrap dealers in Huyton is an easy and reliable way to get rid of all your old and rusted parts. Have you ever cleaned out your storage garage and found an old machine that doesn’t work anymore? Did you ever think that instead of throwing it in the garbage or taking it to the dump, where it would just sit and pollute the planet, that it could be recycled? Here at Fallon Bros we collect all your unwanted scrap metal and recycle it.

If you have unwanted metal lying around in Huyton, scrap dealers are people you want to contact. We accept ferrous metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, wrought iron and cast iron, as well as non-ferrous metals like copper, bronze, brass, zinc, aluminium, nickel and lead. We also accept car batteries, vehicles, white goods and much more. Not only do we offer a dumping ground for your unwanted metal but we will also pay you for it! In addition, we offer a skip and collection service where you can hire a skip anywhere between 12 and 40 cubic yard in size, fill it up with your regular metal waste and we will collect it. Fallon Bros are a registered scrap metal dealership and have been in the business for 40 years. We have competitive prices and offer free, no obligation quotations.

Scrap dealers in Huyton are the smart choice. Our team are friendly and experienced, professional dealers. For more information contact Fallon Bros. So do your part for our planet and reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your scrap metal with us. You can now rest while we take care of your unwanted things and you barely have to lift a finger.