Scrap Dealers in Mossley Hill

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Scrap Dealers in Mossley Hill


Scrap Dealers in Mossley HillProfessional scrap dealers in Mossley Hill will take care of your pile of metal scrap, old defunct vehicle or any other unused metals. When it comes to metal, there’s no point in letting them go to rust. Instead, you can make some cash selling them to scrap dealers.  Fallon Bros is one of the oldest established scrap metal dealers in the area. In fact, we have been here since 1972 and have exponentially grown since then. We provide a comprehensive list of services, including renting out skips, as well as collecting vehicles and machines.

We adhere to all the required health and safety rules, as well as environmental regulations set by different governing bodies. In Mossley Hill, scrap dealers will recycle the metal collected. This is one of the many ways that we can reduce the extensive mining of natural resources that’s been going on around the world. Not to mention that mining can cause a number of risks to both human beings as well as the world in general. We purchase different types of metal including but not limited to zinc, nickel, aluminium, iron, and so on in the forms of factory items, different types of cables, car batteries, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and so on. If you have any doubts regarding the metals, you can always give us a call. In addition to that, the prices for metal generally differ each day, so you can give us a call to make sure that you are getting the best deal! We pay very attractive prices for alloy wheels, copper and lead. All the metals are recycled in our excellent on-site recycling facility.

As scrap dealers in Mossley Hill, we can also collect any vehicles that you may have on your hands. For any further information about our services, contact Fallon Bros today. We have over 40 years of experience in scrap collection and recycling; all metals that are collected are responsibly recycled in our approved facility. We are proud to be known as scrap metal specialists, and we cater to both our domestic and commercial clients.