Scrap Dealers in Woolton

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Scrap Dealers in Woolton


Scrap Dealers in Woolton You could call scrap dealers in Woolton if you have car batteries, old vehicles, pipes or other metal pieces sitting around in your garage or factory. A scrap dealer will be happy to take these items off your hands so that you have more space available for other necessary items. Scrap metal dealers specialise in the collection and disposal of waste metal. It is unsafe to simply toss out car batteries and old pipes. They need to be disposed of or recycled in a proper manner.

For customers in Woolton, scrap dealers are just a phone call away at Fallon Bros. We’ve been around for more than four decades and have acquired a reputation for being leaders and specialists in the metal recycling industry. Our company offers fair prices for customers’ scrap metal. To utilise our services, simply give us a call and provide us with details about your scrap metal. We will ask you whether the scrap is composed of ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Examples of the ferrous metal include cast iron, wrought iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. You may have non-ferrous scrap metals such as copper, zinc, aluminium and brass. We also accept factory clearance items, white goods and cables. After determining the type of metal, we will ask you about the quantity. Then we can arrange for a collection of your scrap metal. Not only will you be happy to be rid of your junk, but you will get some cash in your hands as well. We will be happy to take that junk off your hands!

If you have scrap metal taking up space, get some cash for it by calling scrap dealers in Woolton. Contact Fallon Bros today if you are looking for scrap dealers and get the process started. We proudly adhere to all environmental and health and safety regulations. We are proud to call ourselves an ethical and professional company.