Scrap Metal Buyers in St Helens

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Scrap Metal Buyers in St Helens


scrap metal buyers in St HelensFallon Bros are the scrap metal buyers in St Helens for everyone. From the kid with the box full old rusty tools to the jetliner past its safe service date we are here to serve you. Old cars and appliances are often brought in by industrious who understand there is value in in metal when the machine no longer works. We are a conscientious and ethical company that adheres to the environmental guidelines for recycling of all products, including vehicles and machinery. We are set up to make use of every recyclable metal part and properly dispose of those parts that are harmful to our environment and cannot be recycled. We appreciate when people bring in scrap metal for recycling because they believe in keeping as much out of the landfills as possible. However, we value their efforts and pay top prices for scrap metals.

There is nothing like a little incentive to nudge people into doing the right thing. Yet the market for recycled scrap metal is great enough that our business has thrived since 1972. We are, in St Helens, scrap metal buyers that make your recycling easy by providing skips in all sizes for your needs as well as paying an honest price. We cater to individuals, manufacturing companies and end of life for trains, planes and automobiles as well as farm and excavation equipment. We admit to a greed for scrap metal. We have buyers all over the world waiting for our recyclable products so they can resell them to manufacturers for making new products.

At Fallon Bros we are proud to be scrap metal buyers in St Helens, throughout Cheshire and beyond. Ours is a necessary business if we are to safely remove toxins from our discarded goods and put used scrap metal back into the marketplace as a raw material for the manufacture of usable goods. Contact Fallon Bros when you need scrap metal buyers. Call us with questions, to have a skip delivered, schedule a pick up or find out our prices on various metals. We do good work and the general public and commercial enterprises play an important role in that good work when they sell their scrap metal to us.