Scrap Metal Clearance in Frodsham

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Scrap Metal Clearance in Frodsham


scrap metal clearance in FrodshamWhy not try scrap metal clearance in Frodsham if you have a pile of unwanted stuff sitting in your garage? Fallon Bros have been in the business for more than four decades and we pay well for all kinds of metal scrap, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, old vehicles, machinery, equipment etc. Metal scrap accumulates not only in homes but also in commercial establishments, factories, and government agencies and takes up space that could be used better. We are registered scrap merchants and are legally licensed to collect and recycle all kinds of scrap metal. So if you’re closing down your factory or concert-hall, warehouse or garage, visit our Widnes scrapyard for a better idea of the kinds of metals we deal in and the prices offered.

Metal recycling is one of the hottest new industries in the UK, currently and valued at about six million pounds. In Frodsham, scrap metal clearance companies, like others across the country are regulated by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (2013) which has created a new regulated regime for scrap metal recycling and vehicle dismantling in England and Wales. Under the rules of this act, it’s illegal for anyone to pay cash for scrap and all transactions have to be conducted using crossed cheques, prepaid cards or electronic transfer of funds. Hence, avoid those dealers who promise to pay cash on the spot. Scrap metal dealers should also verify the identity of the sellers through certain valid photo-ID documents.

Scrap metal clearance in Frodsham usually involves the sale of metals like aluminium, copper, brass, iron, nickel and the prices vary daily, so sellers can check the current rates before visiting their dealers. Separate your metals before putting them out for sale, because each one is differently priced. If possible, grade them according to quality too. For a scrap metal clearance, contact Fallon Bros. Local dealers may offer slightly lower prices but the advantage is that you save money in transportation. It’s a good idea to develop a working relationship with local dealers if you have regular loads of metal scrap to sell.