Scrap Metal Collection in Frodsham

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Scrap Metal Collection in Frodsham


As we specialise in scrap metal collection in Frodsham, businesses and companies that produce a lot of ferrous wastes should get in contact with us. It’s quite important to recycle metal as it reduces the need for more iron ore. Metal is a recyclable material and once the items it’s made of are no longer usable, they can be smelted once again, mixed with some new metal and forged into new items.

For the eco-friendly individual or business, metal recycling plays a crucial part in conserving energy and reducing of substantial amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. In Frodsham, scrap metal collection for all your waste metal is easily arranged by contacting us. While it may not seem like it, nearly everything we use in our daily life has a certain amount of metal.

As such, if you have a lot of unusable house appliances or products, give us a call and we will collect the items in exchange for an attractive compensation. If you produce a large amount of ferrous waste, we are able to provide you with skips or dedicated bins that you can fill and once they are full, we will collect the materials. If you are clearing out your warehouse or factory, we do have a comprehensive clearance service and will pay you for all the scrap that we remove.

We have an excellent on-site recycling facility as well as a reliable weighbridge to weigh items of various sizes and pay you accordingly. We accept a wide variety of metals including but not limited to copper, chrome, brass and lead.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we are considered specialists when it comes to scrap metal collection in Frodsham. We pay top prices for broken cars and commercial vehicles. Contact Fallon Bros today for more information about our scrap metal collection service. Whether you are clearing your workplace or moving out, contact us, we will give you all the support you need!

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