Scrap Metal Collection in Halton

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Scrap Metal Collection in Halton


Scrap Metal Collection in HaltonFallon Bros is pleased to offer scrap metal collection in Halton for the convenience of our customers. With over forty years’ experience, we know how to provide hassle free customer service. What works best for you? We can drop a skip at your location for the collection of your scrap metal with scheduled pickups. If you do a clear out a couple of times a year, we can do that for you. Bring your scrap to our facility at your own convenience. We collect all ferrous and non ferrous metals in whatever way works best for our customers. You can also count on getting the highest prices paid for your scrap metal. Our on site recycling facility supports our family, eliminates unsightly scrap debris from your home or job site. We also put raw materials back into circulation resulting in lower manufacturing costs for new products.

The price we pay for metals fluctuates with market demand. In Halton, scrap metal collection prices are also based on the type of metals. Non ferrous metals are those that do not contain iron. The demand is often higher for these metals which include copper, brass, aluminium, nickel and zinc. Consider how much is being consumed daily in the form of aluminium alloy wheels for vehicles. Electronic everything from watches to computers to phones and rockets contain copper. Even your household appliances, small and large contain electronics that require copper, which is an excellent conductor. That is also why it’s used in communication cables throughout the world. The demand for copper keeps the prices up.

Ferrous scrap metal collection in Halton, like iron and steel, is found in vehicles, machinery, farm and construction equipment. It’s the foundation of large structures like bridges and buildings. While not as valuable per ounce as a recyclable as copper, the price gap is closed by weight. Ferrous scrap is needed for the economical manufacture of new infrastructures, trains, planes and machinery of all sorts. Contact Fallon Bros for scrap metal prices or to arrange a skip for scrap metal collection. We are a trusted name with a reputation for fair prices and excellent customer service.