Scrap Metal Dealers in Northwich

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Scrap Metal Dealers in Northwich


Scrap Metal Dealers in NorthwichWe are Fallon Bros, scrap metal dealers in Northwich, prepared to accept all of your scrap metal, ferrous and nonferrous, and we pay you the highest prices. If that’s not enough, we will even drop any sized skip you need to dispose of your scrap metal and when it’s full, we will come pick it up and drop and new empty. We endeavour to make the process as easy as possible for you because we place a high value on customer service. You might be familiar with our operation through dropping off scrap metal from time to time and that is an important source of product for us. The steady flow of old appliances, car parts and old tools into our facility will earn a good price from us.

However, we handle large projects at Fallon Bros as well. For instance, in Northwich, scrap metal dealers with our capabilities provide a service to factories that upgrade and change out machinery on an ongoing basis. Each time they switch out a machine the old one is often moved into storage. Sometimes the thinking is that a start up company might want the old machinery but rarely does that happen. Usually what happens is you end up with a store room packed with old heavy factory machines. If that is you, call Fallon Brothers and we will clear out that storage room and pay you good scrap metal prices for the privilege. The same is true for that old factory building you bought to convert to another use. We will remove all the unwanted equipment that came with the deal.

We are approved among scrap metal dealers in Northwich for end of life auto recycling. Contact Fallon Bros when your old beater with a heater finally dies. We will hand you some cash and tow it away for you. Then we’ll issue your certificate of destruction officially ending any responsibility you had for the car. How often do you get paid for letting someone else clean out your warehouse, factory and garage? Take advantage of the opportunity to have Fallon Brothers involve you in a profitable and environmentally responsible undertaking that benefits everyone down the chain to the manufacture of new metal products from old.