Scrap Metal Dealers in Speke

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Scrap Metal Dealers in Speke


Scrap Metal Dealers in SpekeIf you are looking for registered scrap metal dealers in Speke, Fallon Bros is the company you need to contact. Established in 1972, we continue to provide an honest and professional service regarding scrap metal. If you have scrap metal lying around and aren’t too sure what to do with it, give us a call. We pay top prices for scrap metal. This includes both ferrous and non ferrous metal. It may be the perfect time to have a clear out and get rid of the scrap metal taking up space in your garage or on your property.

When you plan on a clear out in Speke, scrap metal dealers will pay you a tidy sum for your different types of scrap metal. The old wrought iron bed that is broken and gathering dust and the bundles of copper cables that you thought you could use are both ideal to sell to us. We are registered scrap metal dealers and are happy to purchase your scrap metal. We will give you the best deal and while scrap metal prices fluctuate daily, you are still guaranteed of an excellent price for your scrap metal. You are welcome to bring your pile of scrap metal to us. We will weigh it and analyse and determine the right price for you. If your pile of scrap metal is too large or too cumbersome for you to bring it in yourself, let us know and we will arrange to have it collected from your premises.

Scrap metal dealers in Speke also collect scrap metal from places of business. If your place of work produces large qualities of scrap metal, speak to us about a skip hire. This is a designated skip for all the scrap metal accumulated at your business. Once the skip is full, we will collect it from you. Contact Fallon Bros today if you are looking for professional scrap metal dealers. Why not complete 2 tasks at the same time? Clear out your scrap metal pile and make a little money while doing so.