Scrap Metal Dealers in Widnes

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Scrap Metal Dealers in Widnes


Scrap Metal Dealers in WidnesScrap metal dealers in Widnes will pay you money to take your scrap metal. In other words, someone could be paying you for your junk. You may have some old appliances such as washing machines or fridges, white goods as they are called. These could be littering your yard or taking up space in your garage. Other metal that scrap dealers can take off your hands include alloy wheels, wrought iron or metal gates, cabling and copper piping. Perhaps you are renovating your home? Have you considered a scrap collection service? We have a service where we will supply you with a skip in which to place all of your scrap. We will then collect the skip, taking all of your scrap metal away, and pay you for it.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer in Widnes, scrap metal dealers from Fallon Bros will buy your scrap metal. We have been operating for more than 40 years and are registered and reputable scrap dealers. We pay competitive prices for scrap metal and you can trust us to give you the best possible price for yours. Scrap metal prices can change on a daily basis. Sometimes the price of a particular metal will change several times within the day. This is because that value of the metal is determined by the market price and the industry demand. We will provide you with the current price for your scrap and will pay you fairly.

If you have scrap metal you would like to sell, scrap metal dealers in Widnes can assist. Contact Fallon Bros for more information about quality scrap metal dealers. You can also ask us about our scrap metal collection service and which metals we accept. We will provide you with a competitive price for your scrap and will find the most efficient way of removing your scrap. If you have an old vehicle you would like to scrap, we can assist. We will remove your vehicle, recycle it in an environmentally responsible way, and issue you with a certificate of destruction. And, of course, we will provide you with a competitive price.