Scrap Metal Prices in Mossley Hill

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Scrap Metal Prices in Mossley Hill


Scrap Metal Prices in Mossley HillHow much money are you throwing away by not finding the best scrap metal prices in Mossley Hill? Every piece of scrap metal has value no matter how small and by collecting all the small pieces you eventually have metal that will bring in some cash. This not only applies to large commercial businesses but also to the general public. If you consider how much scrap metal is laying around at home you could turn it into cash and get rid of things you no longer have use for. In industrial and commercial premises any off cut or waste metal can be recycled. This is one of the attributes of metal as it can be reused over and over again.

In every factory, there is some metal that is discarded. In Mossley Hill, scrap metal prices change on a daily basis for all kinds of metal waste. The metal is sorted and bundled according to type and sent to the smelting plant. New vehicles are made with up to 25 % recycled metal and old scrap cars often provide it. The vehicles are stripped and all fluids are carefully removed and placed in containers for the hazardous waste company. The rest of the car is broken into plastic and metal and the shell is crushed into a block. When it is smelted the bits of plastic and other impurities burn off leaving perfectly usable metal. The other alloys that make up the car are sorted and also recycled.

We are a professional recycling plant and scrap dealer that pays the best scrap metal prices in Mossley Hill. Contact Fallon Bros today and arrange for a skip to be placed in your factory yard. We have over 45 years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry and are acknowledged as one of the best scrap metal specialists in the area. We buy both ferrous and non ferrous metals and also scrap vehicles. Our collection truck will come to your premises and load the scrap. If it is a vehicle we will issue a Certificate of Destruction so that you are no longer liable for the vehicle.