Scrap Metal Wanted in Runcorn

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Scrap Metal Wanted in Runcorn


Scrap Metal Wanted in RuncornScrap metal wanted in Runcorn by scrap metal merchants can assist in getting rid of scrap metal that has been lying around, taking up space.Scrap metal can be worth much more than you think and in today’s tough economic climate, every pound counts. Our service is used by commercial, industrial and domestic customers. Regardless of whether you have scrap iron or scrap steel, we’ll be happy to take it off your hands. With our 40 years of experience in the scrap metal industry, we are proud to be recognised as one of the top scrap metal merchants.

You can take advantage of our scrap metal request for a wide variety of materials. In Runcorn, scrap metal wanted can include carbon steel, stainless steel, construction scrap, or car, boat or lorry engines, as well as copper cable, brass and zinc. In other words, if you have scrap metal, we’ll take it off your hands. We offer competitive prices for the scrap metal you have.

When you hear about scrap metal wanted in Runcorn, it is a good idea to contact Fallon Bros. As registered scrap metal dealers with an excellent reputation, you know you will receive the best prices from us for the scrap metal you bring in. If you need a site clearance as the scrap metal is more than you can comfortably transport, speak to us. We offer a safe and efficient site clearance service. This service is in line with the necessary health and safety guidelines. All the disposal are carried out in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are always happy to help you and our scrap yard in Widnes is open from Monday to Friday between 7.15am and 4.45pm. We are also open on Saturdays from 7.15am to 11.45am.

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