Vehicle Recycling in Huyton

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Vehicle Recycling in Huyton


Vehicle Recycling in HuytonWe take our vehicle recycling in Huyton very seriously and make sure all cars are dismantled into their various components.  We strip the car and separate the glass and plastics.  All the fluids are drained out of the vehicle as they are poisonous and can seep into the ground water and make their way into our drinking water or a nearby stream. Pets have been poisoned by these fluids and often die. We store the fluid until they are removed by companies who specialise in disposal or recycling of the various liquids. The engine, seats and wiring are all removed until there is just a shell left.  This is then crushed into a block and sent to be smelted.  Small bits of plastic or rubber will disintegrate during the smelting process.

When your car no longer works in Huyton, vehicle recycling is the responsible way of disposing of it. Never leave the car standing in the yard as it is not only an eyesore but it can also be hazardous to children and pets. Once it has been scrapped you can feel proud that you have done something to help save the environment. When your car is recycled you are putting back into the system something that you have been using for years and it goes towards making other useful items.

Our company is proud of our vehicle recycling in Huyton. Cars that are scrapped will earn you money for the weight of the metal.  Contact Fallon Bros today and let them remove your old scrap cars and vans.  It is pointless and dangerous for the environment to let the car sit and rust in your yard.  You are also liable for road tax for the vehicle until it has finally been scrapped.  This could cost you a lot of money over time so as soon as you know your car is beyond repair contact us to come and collect it. We will weigh the metal and pay you the current price for the metal. The most valuable item you will receive is a scrapping certificate. This absolves you from any further financial liability for the vehicle.