Vehicle Recycling in Rainhill

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Vehicle Recycling in Rainhill


Vehicle Recycling in RainhillFor hassle free vehicle recycling in Rainhill call Fallon Bros. Nobody could make it easier to dispose of a vehicle that is no longer driveable or saleable. When a vehicle has no value, it becomes a liability. If you had to pay someone to dispose of the vehicle according to government regulations it would cost you considerable money. It can’t be sent to a landfill because much of the vehicle is toxic. You could break it down into parts and recycle most of the parts then pay a recycler to dispose of the toxic leftovers. That’s a lot of work even if you know how to do it. When you let Fallon Bros handle it all you have to know is where the vehicle paperwork is.

Fallon Bros have been in the scrap buying and recycling business for over forty years. We deal in all scrap recyclables in Rainhill, vehicles being just one example. Ferrous scrap like cast and wrought iron, carbon and stainless steel and mixed heavy steel metals are accepted. So are  non ferrous metals like nickel, copper, brass, aluminium are accepted. We pay good prices whether you bring your scrap to us or we pick it up. If your place of business needs a skip delivered to contain recyclables for pick up, we can do that for you. Factory clean outs are one of our specialities. We can handle any size job as a once off or ongoing contractual agreement.

When you arrange vehicle recycling in Rainhill with us at Fallon Bros you receive a certificate of destruction. That is important because not all recyclers are authorised to accept vehicles or authorise certificates of destruction. You need that certificate to prove you have legally disposed of your old vehicle so you are no longer liable for it. Contact Fallon Bros and make money for yourself at the same time you remove an eyesore from your property. You’ll have extra space at home and rid yourself of a safety hazard especially for young children.   So get that paperwork together and call us. We will came out and tow the car away for you and pay you for the privilege.