Vehicle Recycling in Woolton

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Vehicle Recycling in Woolton


Vehicle Recycling in WooltonWe notice that some people’s idea of vehicle recycling in Woolton is sticking a sign that says ‘free’ on the windscreen. They just want it gone and out of their way. Somebody smart will take the free car and bring it to us at Fallon Brothers for recycling. We will pay to receive it from him. The smart guy used the free car to make money.  All that needed to be done was to give us a call and schedule a time for us to pick up your car.  We would have paid you some money, towed it away for recycling and sent a Certificate of Destruction when the deed was done. It would likely be the easiest money one could make.

Not all recyclers are certified for recycling cars but at Fallon Brothers, we have all the certification to recycle all the car parts except for the small amount of toxic material left over and that we dispose of in an environmentally safe way. In Woolton, vehicle recycling is something we are expert in. The car is full of metals that can be recycled and plastics too. The oil, tyres, battery are all recycled into new products. Nothing goes into the landfill. When people call us to tow their junk cars, they are actually committing an act of environmental responsibility. You may have even more money coming your way if there are a few months left on the road tax. We don’t limit ourselves to domestic cars. We will accept vans and commercial vehicles too.

Vehicle recycling in Woolton is only one part of our business. Our scrap metal recycling business was established in 1972 and we are recognised as a specialist in the industry. We welcome scrap metal from the public and businesses. Contact Fallon Bros for more information about vehicle recycling. You will find that we pay consistently higher prices to our customers for scrap metal and pick up across a broad area. We will even bring you a free skip and pick it up when it’s full. Our scrap site complies with health, safety, and environmental regulations. You can be sure that we are a fair and ethical recycler.