Cars For Scrap in Cheshire

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Cars For Scrap in Cheshire


Cars For Scrap in CheshireIf you are looking for someone to relieve you of cars for scrap in Cheshire choose our 40 years of experience at Fallon Bros. We serve industrial and commercial enterprises but we offer the recycling services needed by the general public as well. We welcome all of your ferrous and non ferrous scrap and we’re known for paying out fair prices. So, when you’ve done all you can do and now you just need that junk car off your hands we’ll take it and leave some cash for the privilege. Just about everything on a car is recyclable but there are a few toxic elements that are not. We are certified recyclers licensed to collect those toxic elements and safely deposit them in a protected landfill set aside specifically for that purpose.   

The rest of the car has many recyclable parts including tyres, batteries, electronics, metal components, framework and more. You may be surprised to learn that in Cheshire, cars for scrap have interior fabrics which are often the most toxic parts and cannot be recycled. We follow all environmental health and safety regulations. Don’t think you’re too far away; we cover the whole of Cheshire and often beyond. Check with us to find out if we cover your area and check the prices we pay for scrap cars and other metals. Prices fluctuate and you can call or check our website daily for prices of any type of metal. Demand for specific metals is the cause of price fluctuations.

We have built a reputation for integrity in our industry including cars for scrap in Cheshire. We are taking a car off your hands that legally you can’t do anything else with and we’re paying you because the scrap vehicle has value; just not much as it sits because it serves no purpose. We separate out the recyclable parts and sell that metal to brokers who sell the clean material to manufactures. Contact Fallon Bros to pick up your scrap car. Follow the bouncing ball from your scrap car to a brand new product and see how everybody wins all along the way; especially the environment.