Scrap Metal Collection in Ellesmere Port

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Scrap Metal Collection in Ellesmere Port


Scrap Metal Collection in Ellesmere PortEnsure that your scrap metal collection in Ellesmere Port is entrusted only to reputed and well-established dealers. Fallon Bros has more than forty years’ experience in this sector and we are proud of our reputation for ethical practices, fair prices and professional recycling services. Whether you’re a domestic client, large-scale generator of scrap metal or an industrial or commercial enterprise, we aim to provide the best services and prices in the industry. We pay top prices for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, and as registered scrap merchants, we ensure that you won’t get a better service anywhere in this area. If you need us to come to your site and collect the materials, just inform us and we can help you with this. Alternatively, we can help you with skip hire that can be maintained at your site. When it’s ready for collection we can come and take it away.

Today, the scrap metal industry is strictly governed by national, international and local council regulations. In Ellesmere Port, scrap metal collection should be undertaken only by registered, authorised and licensed individuals or firms. If the scrap is wrongly disposed or fly-tipped, you as the original owner may face penalties. You also need to keep yourself informed of the latest prices, because the rates are dynamic. They may change from day to day according to the commodity rates prevailing.

Old gardening tools, equipment, lawn-mowers, old vehicle parts, golf-clubs, sign-boards, discarded kitchen utensils, metal trunks and shelves can be turned into handy cash with scrap metal collection in Ellesmere Port. To find out more about our scrap metal collection, contact Fallon Bros. Your garage can be a store house of . You may be surprised to know that there are almost no limits to where you can find scrap metal. Almost everything we use has some form of metal in it. For instance we throw away old appliances with power-cords that have copper in them. Old windows and garden furniture may have aluminium. Your washing-machine, dryer, refrigerators, ovens, barbecues, and cast-iron bathtubs can fetch you a tidy sum.