Cars for Scrap in Woolton

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Cars for Scrap in Woolton


Cars for Scrap in WooltonCars for scrap in Woolton is a good way of getting rid of your old run-down car and earning a little extra cash. No one wants to have his or her non-functional vehicle seated at the lawn doing nothing. It doesn’t do much for the ambience and is also a potential hazard for the environment. Pets and children are at risk of getting injured from the metal and who’s to say they won’t eventually gain access to the dangerous liquids? Scrapping your car may not sound like a safe option and this was the case for a long time. It simply meant taking your old car to a car yard and letting it sit there or watch it being stacked on top of other cars. The fluids that were in the car were never drained out and the toxic metals were left to sip into the ground, eventually finding their way into the water supply systems. This is not the case anymore, and definitely not here at Fallon Bros.

The benefits of safely letting go of your old car are many. In Woolton, cars for scrap help out the environment. Recycling parts from your old car means there will be no need of mining new metals to be used for the same purpose. The glass and plastic products can also be recycled and turned into new products. Most importantly, it limits toxicity, saves energy and reduces the levels of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Taking your cars for scrap also boosts the economy. Recycled steel is less expensive than producing new steel and many businesses prefer and depend on this. By using it they ensure their survival and keep their products affordable to consumers.

Should you wish to send your cars for scrap in Woolton, contact Fallon Bros today. We have over 40 years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry and are recognised as specialists in this sector. We come highly recommended and offer some of the best prices in the North West for scrap metal. Our service is professional and catered to the general public and industrial and commercial businesses.

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