Scrap Metal Dealers in Mosley Hill

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Scrap Metal Dealers in Mosley Hill


Scrap Metal Dealers in Mosley HillScrap metal dealers in Mosley Hill, Fallon Bros, will give you the best quality service at the best prices. We are specialists in dealing with scrap metal and we have managed to grow our business through word of mouth and recommendations. This is evidence of our trustworthy business that will always deliver on its promises. We have over 40 years experience in the scrap metal industry and a team of experts who will ensure that you will receive all the expert advice you need when you do business with us. At Fallon Bros, we deal in both ferrous and non ferrous metals and we are recognised and scrap metal specialists in the region. We have unbeatable prices when buying or selling scrap and we guarantee you that you will want to do business with us again in the future. Whether you are a large scale industrial company or just a small household, we will help you.

If you live or work in Mosley Hill, scrap metal dealers are easy to contact. We guarantee to give you the best prices for the scrap metal. We offer a variety of services. First, we offer scrap metal recycling services, which are done to the highest standards and adhere to all the required health and safety regulations set out by regulatory bodies. Both ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal are accepted for recycling. We also offer scrap metal skip hire services. If this is what you need, we will advise you on the ideal size of the skip for your needs. Our skips range from 12 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, all to ensure value for your money. For your convenience, we can pick up the scrap metal from your premises.

Using scrap metal dealing in Mosley Hill is easy and cost effective. Contact Fallon Bros today for any scrap metal dealings you need. We do not compromise on quality and we will never let you down. We always strive for optimum customer satisfaction!

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