Recycling Collection in Garston

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Recycling Collection in Garston


Recycling Collection in GarstonA recycling collection in Garston has encouraged private homes and businesses to take an active role in recycling all their rubbish. There are so many benefits of recycling and the community plays their part in no longer just tossing their trash in a can. They realise that recycling is beneficial to the environment and that it is cheaper to recover raw materials from recycled waste than go through the process of extracting them. At Fallon Bros, we have more than 40 years’ experience in the scrap metal recycling industry. As registered scrap metal specialists since 1972, our company has been growing simply because we offer the best prices in the North West for scrap metal. Our excellent services extend to the general public as well as our commercial and industrial customers.

If you also want to become a responsible citizen who cares about the environment, why not contact us and let us answer all your recycling queries? In Garston, recycling collection is all about having to do with a professional, ethical recycling company, and that’s us – we adhere to health and safety- as well as environmental regulations set out by the regulating bodies. We’ll also let you know if we offer a recycling collection service in your area.

Nobody likes to see an old scrap car dumped into a beautiful country setting. Why not rather dump your old car at us or have us collect it for you and have some extra cash in your pocket. We purchase all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal for recycling. It is the non-ferrous metals that don’t contain iron so they don’t rust like what ferrous metal do. If you’ve got stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, old cars and batteries, why not give us a call? Our excellent on-site recycling facilities have always got room to accept your metal for scrap, and we pay highly competitive prices.

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