Scrap Car Prices in Runcorn

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Scrap Car Prices in Runcorn


Scrap Car Prices in RuncornScrap car prices in Runcorn are determined by the varying metal prices. We purchase old vehicles in order to recycle them. Their only value is in the metal content of the car. The seats and other parts are of no use and are responsibly disposed of. All fluids in the vehicle have to be drained and sent to the appropriate companies who store them responsibly or dispose of them to stop them contaminating ground water. The vehicle is then stripped of any other metals that have to be kept separately in other words not steel. Once all the tyres and glass and mirrors and plastics have been removed, the shell of the car can be crushed.

When your car is old and no longer works in Runcorn, scrap car prices may provide the best way of disposing of it and bring in a little money. Recycling old cars is the only way to stop them taking up valuable room in landfill sites and having the fuel and oil running into our drinking water. The unwanted steel can be used to make many other products once it has been smelted down. Much of the old steel goes towards making new cars and this is a perfect way of using it. This can fortunately be done time and again. When combined with a new steel the metal is once again useful.

Scrap car prices in Runcorn are not the important part of scrapping a car. Why not contact Fallon Bros today and have your old car properly scrapped? Once we have received your car we will issue you with a certificate of destruction which then absolves you of any further liabilities with regards to that particular vehicle. This means you cannot be fined for not having paid the vehicle tax and you may be able to claim back for the months still unused. We are a registered vehicle recycling company and as such are responsible for safely disposing of all parts of the vehicle.

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