Scrap Metal Clearance in Newton le Willows

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Scrap Metal Clearance in Newton le Willows


Scrap Metal Clearance in Newton le WillowsFor a scrap metal clearance in Newton le Willows, call us at Fallon Bros. We welcome all drop offs of your scrap or we can place a skip on your site for easy collection. One service not to be overlooked is our complete clearance of scrap metal from your shop, garage, factory or building demolition. Factories with old machinery still bolted to the floor and pipework running across walls and ceilings is one example of a major scrap metal clearance. Contractors often have a section of their building or work yard that accumulates scrap year after year. Auto repair shops and appliance repair may have the same space wasting scrap area. That’s money sitting there so why not call us to haul it away for you and collect a little cash for yourself?

Are you paying storage fees to house items you haven’t used for years? Perhaps in Newton le Willows two families blend into one. All the appliances, lawnmowers, snow blowers and more from one household go into storage just in case you need them. Over the years, outgrown bicycles, unused garden tools and dirt bikes get added to the collection. Instead of continuing to throw money at them why not get some of it back by calling us at Fallon Bros to clear out the scrap metal? Nothing has been thrown away from Grandpa’s barn in centuries. When the antique collectors leave, call us because you likely still have money left sitting there.

Iron, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, motors and transformers are items for scrap metal clearance in Newton le Willows. These metals are found in appliances, commercial machinery, plumbing fittings and fixtures, cookware, cable wires, window frames, ladders and more. Look around and see money instead of junk. At Fallon Bros we will collect it all, separate it and recycle it for reuse by manufacturers. Contact Fallon Bros for large and small clear outs. We pay fair rates based on the metals market and you get some usable space. So many of our products contain recyclable materials it’s easy to overlook the possibilities. Stop paying storage fees on junk and let Fallon Bros pay you for scrap metal clearance.