Vehicle Recycling in Garston

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Vehicle Recycling in Garston


Vehicle Recycling in GarstonThere are many approved vehicle dismantlers in the UK and vehicle recycling in Garston from Fallon Bros offers approved recycling services. At Fallon Bros, cars are efficiently recycled, and with our more than 40 years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry, you can be sure of a reputable service. As recognised scrap metal specialists, we also offer the best prices in the North West for scrap metal, regardless of the type of customer you are – the general public or industrial or commercial customers. What you will appreciate is that you will be dealing with a professional, ethical recycling company and we conform to all the health and safety regulations in place.

If you are based in Garston, vehicle recycling is a solution for vehicle owners. It is actually the vehicle owner’s responsibility to dispose of their old car correctly. Doing it the wrong way could mean a fine. When you rely on us to scrap your car, we’ll issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and we also pay top prices for your old car. Every year in Britain, some 2 million vehicles are scrapped, and the EU has strict environmental rules on how these cars should be disposed of. Most owners of end-of-life vehicles haven’t a clue of how to get rid of their old cars and if they do, they aren’t sure how to get the best price.

Vehicle recycling in Garston needn’t fill you with trepidation. Why not contact Fallon Bros today, and discover how easy vehicle recycling is? We make it easy for our customers and always ensure that we dispose of your vehicle responsibly. Even if your car has failed its MOT or it has been written off, we will take it. We accept all vehicles regardless of the condition they’re in. If you own a car that you want to scrap, why not call us – it’s all so easy, we’re reliable and trustworthy and we offer you the best prices. You will also be upholding your social responsibility by recycling your old car.