Scrap Metal Collection in Cheshire, Efficient and Reliable

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Scrap Metal Collection in Cheshire, Efficient and Reliable


Scrap Metal Collection in CheshireA convenient and professional scrap metal collection in Cheshire makes disposing your scrap metal even easier. We’re happy to assist anyone with scrap metal they want to dispose of. Whether you are a business that generates scrap metal, or a domestic customer, our scrap metal collection is ideal. It may be difficult to transport large amounts of scrap metal to our scrap yard. Speak to our experts for a tailored scrap metal service that will meet your specific requirements. If you are a business, consider hiring one of scrap metal skips. When the skip is full, our team will collect the scrap metal from you, free of charge.

We pay top process for your scrap metal. In Cheshire, our scrap metal collection includes the purchase of your scrap pieces. We are happy to pay you the current rate for your scrap metal. We’re also happy to accept both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal pieces. From carbon steel, cast iron to copper, aluminium and zinc, we can collect it all. Additionally, our skips are available in a range of different sizes. We can advise on the size that will suit your amount of scrap metal production so that you’re not wasting any space on your premises. We can also tailor a custom shape or sized skip if you require. Regular skip collections can be arranged to a schedule that suits your timetable. We will empty your skip of scrap metal and pay you an excellent price for it.

A scrap metal collection in Cheshire is an excellent service for businesses and homeowners alike. We take our recycling responsibility seriously. As such, all the scrap metal e purchase is correctly and ethically recycled. For more details about our convenient scrap metal collection, contact Fallon Bros. Furthermore, we adhere to all environmental and health and safety regulations. We e have over 40 years of experience as scrap metal merchants. Registered and authorised, we are the scrap metal dealer you can rely on for your scrap metal collection. Our company has grown through word of mouth and recommendations.

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