Vehicle Recycling in Garston – Fulfil Your Legal Responsibility

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Vehicle Recycling in Garston – Fulfil Your Legal Responsibility


Vehicle Recycling in Garston Vehicle recycling in Garston is important to us. Each vehicle we work with is dismantled into their various components.  We strip the car and separate the glass and plastics.  All the fluids are drained out of the vehicle. These are generally poisonous and must be handled with care. We store the fluid until they are removed by companies who specialise in disposal or recycling of the various liquids. The engine, seats and wiring are all removed until all that remains is the shell of the vehicle.   This is then crushed into a block and sent to be smelted.  Small bits of plastic or rubber will disintegrate during the smelting process.

Do you have a vehicle that is no longer fit for the road? In Garston, vehicle recycling is the responsible way of disposing of it.  It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that it is correctly scrapped and properly disposed of.  Failure to do so can result in a large fine. Worse, by not scrapping your vehicle correctly, it is likely that to end up in an already over burdened landfill. Speak to us about having your vehicle scrapped and recycled. We’re a registered vehicle recycling company and adhere to the correct, ethical recycling procedures. In addition, as evidence that your vehicle has been correctly scrapped and recycled, we will issue a certificate of destruction after the process.

We take great pride in our professional vehicle recycling in Garston. Cars that are scrapped will earn you money for the weight of the metal.  Contact Fallon Bros today and let us remove your old vehicle for recycling. In addition, you are also liable for any road tax for the vehicle until it has finally been scrapped.  Give us a ring for the collection of your old vehicle.  We will weigh the metal and pay you the current price for the metal. This is an ideal solution as it allows you to fulfil your responsibility and receive payment for the scrap metal. It is essential to play your part towards the care of our environment. With professional and legal vehicle recycling, you can.