Scrap Metal Dealers in Cheshire Accept All Your Scrap Metal Pieces

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Scrap Metal Dealers in Cheshire Accept All Your Scrap Metal Pieces


Scrap Metal Dealers in CheshireAs scrap metal dealers in Cheshire, we accept almost all types of metals.A lot of people don’t like to recycle because they don’t know for sure if what they have is acceptable for recycling. Also, they think they have to sort and separate their multiple metals. You no longer have to know how much metal is contained in an item, what kind it is and which sorting box it goes in. We will take it all. We have an impressive recycling centre and we are fully equipped to quickly sort and weigh your metals collection. We pay you based on the current market prices for your metal scrap. If your manufacturing company ends up with scrap metal, we can place a skip on your site and arrange for regular collection and payment. This does not interfere with your work schedule.

We have been established in the scrap metal recycling industry since 1972. That makes our business in Cheshire, scrap metal dealers for over fifty years. We operate our company professionally and responsibly meeting all environmental regulations as well as all health and safety standards. The policies we have in place for professional and ethical business operations have served us and our customers well over the years. We continue to grow and change with the times, as needed. However, we still specialise in ferrous metals such as steel, iron, wrought iron, cast iron and mixed metals. Included in our specialisation is also non ferrous metals like copper, zinc, nickel, lead, aluminium, bronze and copper.

As scrap metal dealers in Cheshire, we have steadily expanded the types of scrap metal we can buy from customers when it contains worthwhile amounts of metals. Your end of life car is welcome here and we pay well because the majority of the car is recyclable. Appliances like fridges, cookers, washers, dryers and more contain a significant amount of copper. Contact Fallon Bros to check prices anytime or to ask us about arranging for a skip for your manufacturing company, demolition project, or a clear out of domestic or commercial property. Don’t overlook the old tools, machinery, tractors and more that are taking up space in your garage.  It’s money in your pocket and a valuable resource to be recycled and used in new products.

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