Scrap Metal in Speke

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Scrap Metal in Speke


Fallon Bros specialises in buying and recycling scrap metal in Speke. We are a specialty company that purchases, and recycles all forms of scrap metal. For over 40 years, we have been in the business of offering fair and reasonable prices to those who wish to sell off any scrap metal that they have on hand. If you have large amounts of scrap metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, we are the company to help you safely discard them so that any harmful effects to the environment that may be brought about by the haphazard dumping of metals is greatly reduced, and eliminated.

For residents and businesses in Speke, scrap metal will need to be removed and recycled to avoid your property looking like a dump site. Since we opened our doors in 1972, we have grown to become regarded as specialist scrap metal dealers. Our company has grown as a result of word of mouth and recommendations from past clients. We are pleased to say that we offer some of the best prices for scrap metal in the North West, and that we provide a professional recycling service to all our customers. Our customers include those from the general public to industrial and commercial businesses. We also take pride in our ethical and responsible responsibilities as a recycling company. Adhering to all the required health and safety and environmental regulations set out by the regulating bodies, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a conscientious and committed scrap metal merchant.

Scrap metal in Speke includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Not sure what type of scrap metal you have? Bring it to us and we can give you a fair appraisal of what it is and what it is worth. When you have scrap metal that is taking up much needed space on your property, contact Fallon Bros for the most competitive prices, and a first class service. If your business regularly collects scrap metal, why not consider our scrap skip hire? We will deliver the skip you require and collect it when it is full.