Scrap Dealers in Rainhill, Responsibly Recycling All Scrap Metal

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Scrap Dealers in Rainhill, Responsibly Recycling All Scrap Metal


Scrap Dealers in RainhillScrap dealers in Rainhill play an important role in recycling. We are all aware of the importance of recycling, and many of us actively play our part. This is especially true for paper and plastic waste. But what about scrap metal? It is as important to recycle scrap metal as any other reusable scrap. When we send our scrap metal for recycling, we are doing our bit for the environment. Recycling metal  cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, as it uses less energy than making brand new metal. We drastically decrease the burden on our natural resources when we recycle scrap metal. If you have scrap metal that you would like to dispose of, speak to a registered scrap metal dealer.

For both households and businesses in Rainhill, scrap dealers will purchase your scrap metal. While this is a way to make a little extra money, it is also an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. We are registered scrap metal dealers and have been established for more than 40 years. Proud of our commitment to a cleaner world, we offer a range of services to ensure that your scrap metal is responsibly and ethically recycled. If you have heaps of scrap metal lying around on your property, you are welcome to give us a call to collect your scrap metal. We accept both ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal and pay top prices for your scrap metal. You are welcome to bring your scrap metal to our site, or if you prefer, call us to arrange for a collection.

Scrap dealers in Rainhill take great pride offering top quality, professional services. We strictly follow all the required health & safety and environmental regulations that are set out by the regulating bodies. When you are looking for registered scrap dealers to recycle your scrap metal, be sure to contact Fallon Bros. For businesses, we also offer the hire of scrap skips. This is an excellent way to ensure that all your metal offcuts are safely and neatly gathered and stored in one place. When your scrap skip is full, we will collect the scrap metal from you at a time that is convenient to you.

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